What we do

PGS has been successful in securing an officially sanctioned 'green channel' into China for expedited clearance services for fresh and premium Australian and New Zealand food and beverage products. Our services provide an end to end solution for ANZ exporters and China distributors looking to secure supply into China of Dairy products, Manuka Honey, Seafood, Meat and Australian & New Zealand premium fruit & vegetable produce.

PGS has its own local China trading company and team in China to facilitate imports and clearance duties with associated local infrastructure, cool chain storage and delivery process. As well as complete Australia and New Zealand sourcing of supply, export logistics, packaging services, cold chain supply services.

Green Channel Services

PGS has been granted an officially sanctioned and unique 'Green Channel' service from China CIQ that due to unprecedented quality control mechanisms enables unsurpassed border clearance times for premium perishable goods with its air service's for:

  • Fresh Milk
  • Fresh Retail Beef
  • Fresh Seafood
  • Premium produce and goods

Gold Service

PGS also offers premium accelerated clearance through its 'Gold' services of refrigerated containers for frozen or chilled produce that require sea transportation.

Silver Service

PGS 'Silver' service provides the same accelerated clearance services for more standardised goods that can travel by sea at ambient temperatures and are non perishable. But still require complete end to end care that ensures they clear through the border quicker than anyone else

PGS Specialist Export Consulting Services

Fresh and direct, we can work with you as a grower or manufacturer to bring you up to being export capable and assist not only with export strategy, packaging requirements, necessary regulatory compliance and certification but also potentially assist with market access for your products as well.

PGS is the authority in total quality controlled 'end to end' export import and clearance services and consultation. Establishing strong market access and distribution relationships starts here.