Innovative tracking technology will keep copycats at bay

The Australian, Updated 5 Dec 2014.
Qantas freight and partner Peloris Global Sourcing have combined to milk a unique opportunity in China they believe will improve with the introduction of the free-trade agreement with Australia.

The partners worked for two years to develop a streamlined way of getting fresh milk into China quickly enough to give it a shelf life that would allow it to be sold in supermarkets.

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Australian dairy producers cash in on Chinese milk demand

ABC NEWS, Updated 19 Jun 2014, 12:04am
Australian farm fresh milk has hit Chinese supermarket shelves, signalling the beginning of a new frontier for dairy producers.

Fresh milk can now travel from Australia to supermarkets in China in just seven days.

Until recently this would have been impossible - the milk would have exceeded its shelf life by the time it travelled from Australia and cleared Chinese customs and quarantine.

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Cash cows: Australian milk sells for NINE dollars a litre in Chinese supermarkets as dairy farmers finally get a break

DAILY MAIL, UPDATED: 14:22 GMT, 23 May 2014
Fresh Australian milk has hit the shelves in Chinese supermarkets for the first time since a trade deal was struck by farmers to speed up the process of quarantine.

With milk selling at up to $9 a litre in China it is set to provide a lucrative new source of income for dairy farmers in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland, who have suffered in recent times due to drought and Australian supermarket 'milk wars'.

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China to consume NSW milk

SOUTHERN WEEKLY, Updated June 16, 2014, 6:29 a.m
The Lismore based Norco Co-operative Ltd (Norco)’s now has a fresh milk supply agreement with China.

Under the agreement, Norco and its partners - Peloris Global Sourcing Pty Ltd (PGS) and Dairy Connect NSW - have developed a state-of-the-art commercially viable cold chain pipeline to bring fresh Australian pasteurised milk to the Chinese market.

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