Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions that are frequently asked of us are listed below to assist you in your understanding, I trust this helps and please feel free to call us directly to understand anything further.

Do you provide a complete service for exporting my premium goods, or do I have to deal with multiple logistic providers?

Yes, PGS will handle the complete transportation export and clearance process for your goods into China, ensuring your premium produce arrive in its optimum condition with the longset retailing shelf life possible for your distribution partner, security of your brand and satisfaction of the consumer.

Can you help with products other than Dairy and Fresh Milk?

The officially authorised China PGS 'Green Channel' is there to provide accelerated clearance for any premium produce particularly perishable as the stringent quality control mechanisms in place for this channel ensure delivery of fresh produce to the market in optimum condition.

We have always wanted to expand our operation to export but really am unsure on many things particularly in the China market, can PGS help?

PGS has a team of very experienced consultants that specialise in business efficiencies, supply chain management, market access and export strategy for the Asia Pacific region. Combined with a very practical process engineering background and hands on aproach the consulting team are happy to have a first up free consultation meeting to work through any export growth questions and to help determine what the next steps are.