Dairy Cold Chain Solution

PGS has implemented an unprecedented quarantine clearance agreement with China to bring the delivery time well within the shelf life of fresh Australian pasteurised milk.

This breakthrough has come after 12 months of collaboration between PGS and China officials to develop rigorous quality assurance protocols that have now been fully tested and officially sanctioned by the relevant Chinese agencies.

As a consequence, the PGS cold chain pipeline has been supported by changes to existing China import clearance procedures to accommodate the limited shelf life of fresh milk imports from Australia. A trial shipment of almost one thousand litres of quality fresh milk was successfully completed in March 2014.

Full Traceability

PGS unique 'Track & Trace' datamatrix coding system which links in with GS1 global bar coding and World Customs Organisation, enables brand owners and regulatory customs bodies to identify each unit of produce to be identified from point of source through out the supply chain to the retailer, geo tagged and databased so all inventory is accounted for at all stages of the supply chain and can be immediately validated as a genuine article being sold by the authorised reseller or distributor.

Quality Controlled Supply Chain

Product authenticity and assurance are validated by unprecedented quality control mechanisms and partnerships developed by PGS to ensure an integrity of the produce supply chain from the 'farmgate' to the 'plate'. PGS service's optimise the delivery process and clearance of the produce to guarantee it arrives in a premium condition for the consumer. Providing a confidence of produce for the buyer, the brand owner and the Australian & New Zealand growers.

Delivering premium and fresh produce taste to the Chinese consumer with the experience as though they had brought it in Australia or New Zealand and with the same level of confidence in the produce integrity and healthiness.

Unique end user validation

Consumer confidence on fresh and premium imported produce can be validated with PGS unique smart phone application tool which enables consumers to scan the datamatrix code on the product label and check the authenticity of the product, the dietary ingredients, the source of supply, compliance of all food regulatory certification and that the store they are buying it from is a genuine reseller. Never before has the consumer had so much opportunity to have confidence in their choice of produce and validate that it is genuine