There’s a new way to manage fresh produce supply.

Peloris Global Sourcing (PGS) has established a unique 'Green Channel' opportunity for Australian and New Zealand exporters to ensure their produce arrives in optimum condition through a total 'end to end' cool chain supply and offically expedited clearance process. Our innovative business model specifically addresses the flaws inherent in current global sourcing and supply chain models and deliver fresh and premium pridcue to the retailers shelves quicker and in better condition.

PGS is an Australian owned company that specialises in connecting Australia and New Zealand producers to the rapidly expanding Asian markets for imported premium food products.


Critical success factors for PGS are our network of Asia based nationals, proficient in regulatory compliance, customs clearance protocols and market access relationships. Our Australian and New Zealand team of process engineering, procurement, sales & marketing and supply chain logistics specialists. This facilitates the successful management of the complex cultural and language barriers that often hinder commercial relationships between Western clients and Asian suppliers.

PGS provides consulting services to assist companies looking to access international export or low cost country sourcing opportunities. As global procurement specialists, PGS has assisted a number of multinational corporations to create real and sustainable value through the design and implementation of global sourcing strategies and procurement process improvements.

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