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Fresh and premium produce expedited clearance and complete export/import services are PGS business.

Specialising in 'Cool Chain' services for perishable produce PGS has been granted an officially sanctioned and unique "Green Channel" enabling an accelerated clearance process into China ensuring successful border clearance on every shipment, quickly, every time.

Peloris Global Sourcing (PGS) is the leading authority in cross border supply chain and expedited clearance services for fresh and premium Australian and New Zealand goods throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Our innovative business model and quality assurance systems, including unique individual product 'track & traceability' , 'authentication' and 'anti-counterfieting' protocols deliver unprecedented product quality control mechanisms delivering a premium product to market at a premium price for the grower, brand owner, distributor and retailer.

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News: Innovative tracking technology will keep copycats at bay QANTAS Freight and partner Peloris Global Sourcing have combined to milk a unique opportunity in China they believe will improve with the introduction of the free-trade agreement with Australia.

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Video: Australian dairy producers cash in on Chinese milk demand.

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